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I started this blog with the intention of making a good shared recipe site. These are all recipes which I have found, cooked, ate and loved (also that my 2 going on 3 picky eaters loved as well: my husband, 6 yr old son and 3 month old daughter). So give them a try and feel free to leave comments on the recipes as well and share this page with your friends. Enjoy - Kenni Holland

Finger Lickin' Easy BBQ Chicken

Ok so this recipe is easy to prepare but does take some time to cook. I recommend preparing everything the night before and refrigerate  then pop in the crock pot before heading to work. It'll be done when you get home.

Finger Lickin' Easy BBQ Chicken

2 lbs chicken drumsticks (with skin removed optional)
1 c. your favorite BBQ sauce (I use sweet baby rays)
1/3 c. Apricot preserves (or peach preserves)
2 Tbsp yellow mustard

Place drumsticks in crock pot. Mix remaining 3 ingredients in a bowl and pour over chicken. Cook on low for 7-8 hours or on high for 3-4 hours. I recommend the low setting, the chicken will fall off the bone. Spoon sauce over chicken when serving. I serve with corn on the cob, steamed buttered green beans and biscuits.

Carolina Treet Slow Cooker BBQ
Here is an even easier version. If you live in NC you will be able to find this at almost any grocery store, if not you'll have to order it online. Well worth the shipping. Put 4 split chicken breasts in crockpot and cover with a half a bottle of Carolina Treet BBQ sauce (It's only meant for cooking with but you can spoon the juices over the chicken when you serve. It is delicious!!)

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Teresa said...

So I did the bbq chicken with boneless skinless breasts and without coke. It came out falling apart like shredded bbq chicken and I added a little tabasco and cider vinegar, and I maybe could have let it cook a little less. Yum!